Monday, June 10, 2013


Happy 2nd Birthday my Grace Yuelan.  How far you've come in the 7 months that you have been with us.  How far we've come in becoming your own.  I love that mouth open wide.  It represents you well.  No palate hanging down anymore, but raised and sealed.  Fully extended mouth despite some tightness around that lip scar.  I love those pig tails that hold your curly hair.  You are special and unique and really really cute.  I love that bent knee that speaks of your spunk and life.
So many recent firsts...talking to the monkeys at the zoo and becoming a "predator" to any other animal encountered with a loud roar and flailing arms.  Swimming in a pool, feet kicking and splashing like a professional, although likely her very first experience.  Bonding with a "lovey" for the first time, holding Will's old monkey, gifted to her the night before the hospital by her little big brother.  Carries it with her wherever she goes and insists that it be given bedtime milk too.  Sleeping through the night.  Hysterical giggles after dinner when with one touch of her finger, her siblings fall to the ground, beaten by her super hero strength.  Sea World in the rain, picnics in the park, the dentist, and the recognition of friends.  Kisses goodnight to the entire family, and a kiss for the Batman logo on Dad's shirt.  Just because she knew it was somehow really funny.

So today sweet girl on your first birthday with us, we will do the things that you love.  We will dance and spin and swing and read and sing.  We will let you tell us what to do.  We will cuddle and play puppets.  We will laugh and eat pink cupcakes.  Oh, and William insists that we eat french fries because you love them.

And we love you.  So we probably will.

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